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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  March 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> it was really scary in terms of the community, there could be someone out there >> a killer may be on deluz. still, police say the public should not be worried. a public outcry that spanned the country. national demonstrations in the name of trayvon martin >> if i can spend $100 that the casino i can do that with the lottery >> the store that already turned out one bay area of mega millions winner. the evening. new information tonight in the investigation of five people found dead inside a home near city college of l.a.. police are not sure if the killer is among the dead. >> we felt safer when we heard
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was a murder-suicide, the person doing the killing killed himself >> it turns out that is not necessarily the case after five people were found dead in this home friday morning. at first it was believed that the murder was among the dead and now police say they're not sure but they also say this >> the inspectors that are the experts in this area do not believe there is a threat to public safety at this time >> neighbors are not consoled >> it is really scary in terms of the community, there could be someone out there >> many her by illinois is the night of the killings and his neighbor said he heard gunfire >> i also heard someone's voice >> another remembers yelling coming from the home at around midnight thursday night >> i heard basically male voice yelling angrily and it seemed very aggressive >> 3 of the bodies were discovered by a woman coming home from work and when police
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arrived, they found two more. >> we're working around the clock to determine what has occurred here. >> the homeowner work that quantitative medical systems. a co-worker came to pay his respects >> surreal that something like this could happen to someone like her who was just the sweetest person you would ever want to meet >> the block across the street from city college was take off for the second full day in a row as rumors swirl about who may have targeted the household and why >> we never knew anything was wrong, whether she was upset or not she was always happy >> more than one week after she vanished dozens of deputies combed the area of morgan hill in search of 15 year-old sierra
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lamar. search dogs also combed a 12 mi. radius. this was the biggest circus since she was reported missing a week ago yesterday >> investigators are keeping in touch with her mother, she has obviously been very concerned and worried for her daughter and her and her family are cooperating very much with our investigators >> police have found herself down and a purse with clothing inside but so far, have no other leads. classmates are selling t-shirts to start up a reward fund. >> every day we wonder if she is ok, like every day it gets harder >> it is probably not a stretch to say the every day has been agony for sean. sierra lamar was a good friend,
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they were on the charity in together and she is sprang to hear some good news >> i hope she is ok and safe and i'm just trying to do more and more every day, seven days is a really long time to not contact anybody that you know. it is not like her >> today the students at a high- school started collecting donations and selling t-shirts with her face on them. not only do the students not want attention to fade as the days passed, they also want to get a reward together for any information that would bring her of >> money sadly would make everyone work harder >> whether that type of motivation is needed in this situation or not, it is obvious that doing something is helping the students cope right now.
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>> it makes me feel better because i'm doing something for her >> the fbi has also joined the investigation. yesterday's agents stop drivers to ask if they noticed anything unusual. sacramento police say toddler has been unaccounted for for half his life. white is now 22 months old. this is a photo from one family members say they last saw him in april of last year. the child's medical mother is being held in a sacramento jail. authorities say she has not provided any information that might lead to the whereabouts have undersigned. authorities speculate the baby might be living under another name and they urge anyone with information to contact police. a former marine left on a rock climbing trip from pacifica march 2nd but never returned.
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he was declared missing march 5th. his car in a backpack were left at a campsite. his fellow marines have taken a leave of absence to conduct a search. the attorney for the family of trayvon martin says that if there is an arrest in the teen- ager's death, it would be difficult to prosecute it as a hate crime. martin was on arm when he was shot and killed by a florida neighborhood watch capt.. >> i think the focus is not necessarily a federal arrest or a state arrest, we want an arrest. i think the state aspect of that is the one that is most feasible, the most attainable in this matter >> the shooter's attorney says his client has been unfairly portrayed as a racist and that
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he acted in self-defense. more demonstrations were held across the country today over the killing. the latest outrage was on display at the nation's capital. >> hundreds came to washington's freedom plaza saturday demanding an investigation into the deadly shooting of trayvon martin. they chanted kantian ice-t are not suspicious to me, a reference to the items the 17 year-old was carrying as he was shot and killed last month as he walked through a suburb. the neighborhood capt. says he shot martin after the teenager attacked him. he was not arrested because of the stand your ground lot. many claim that he shot martin because he was black witches attorney denies >> this is not a racial issue, mr. zimmerman has been involved in this community and with
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people in the african-american community >> nationwide, the number of people outraged is growing. in chicago, cleveland, and philadelphia, demonstrators this week and supported martin family and wanted zimmerman arrested. many of them wore hooded sweatshirts which martin was wearing when he was killed. in another show of support, worshipers as well as the choir and the ministers are being asked to wear hooded sweatshirts to sunday services. florida has appointed a new special prosecutor and next month to a grand jury could decide if zimmerman should be charged. protesters vowed to continue their cause for justice. >> 1 #off it from becoming the bay area's newest millionaire. a ticket sold in mountain view
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matched five of the six numbers in last night's mega millions drop. now the jackpot for tuesday's drawing is nearing a record and lots of people are hoping lightning to strike twice. >> won a game of chance has the worst odds in the world what prompts people to pay? an impossibly huge jackpot. right now the mega millions lottery pay off is the third largest ever, $356 million civil yesterday was a long line >> mega millions customers are going out of their way to find this place. the liquor and tobacco store in mountain view. in january, a million-dollar lot a winner put the store on the map and last night someone bought a $256,000 winning ticket >> it was a lucky store, so i
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figured it would come back >> so you are optimistic about this worst bet in gambling >> if i would spend $100 at the casino i could spend $100 on the lottery >> the chances of winning the lottery are about the same as if he did not play. champagne dreams and caviar wishes easily outweigh reason. >> this is the lucky number i hope >> is estimated u.s. lotteries are a $25 billion per year industry. california says 94¢ of every dollar comes back and contributions to schools. that might be some consolation to the millions who are sure to lose. >> we will be the next millionaire. >> found with nothing but dirt in his stomach, who is charged with neglecting man's best friend.
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internally grateful former vice president, why dick cheney is back in the hospital >> our high-definition doppler radar is certainly getting a workout today. we still see a lot of green and even some yellow. ,,,,,, bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless
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>> a former police officer has been charged with animal cruelty after an animal shelter rescued an emaciated former police dog under his care. this is not the officers first run and with the spca. >> these are pictures of a watsonville k-9 officer found starving in the backyard of a home. his ribs protruding and his hit bones sticking out >> it is a sad situation, you have a dog who's looked at as a member of the police force and family >> he belongs to a former watsonville officer. at one point, the dog was his partner while the man was on the force. last month when the dog was found he weighed 55 lbs.. x-rays showed duran and sand in his stomach but no food,
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indicating he had not eaten in days >> it appears he was eating anything he could in the backyard >> this is not the first time the man has been in trouble with the spca. the spca seized another german shepherd from the same house a few months ago >> the dog was suffering and the most humane thing to do was euthanize the animal >> the outcome for this dog is much better. he has gained 15 lbs. and has 10-15 more to go and although stacy says he has a long road ahead, as you can tell he is doing better every day. >> the man was charged with two counts of animal cruelty and is scheduled to be arraigned next month. republican presidential candidate rick santorum got a big win in louisiana today. he beat mitt romney by more than 20 points. newt gingrich and ron paul
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took third and fourth. while voters were headed to the polls in louisiana, santorum helped held a rally in wisconsin. mitt romney wife campaigned for him in wisconsin but voters said they would prefer for romney to be there himself. he will be there later this week. the pennsylvania leadership conference, newt gingrich made it clear he wants to be known as the most conservative republican candidate. he says america cannot handle another four years of president obama. former vice president dick cheney has a new heart. he had surgery this morning and aides say he has been waiting for a transplant for more than 20 months and that he and his family will forever be grateful. he has had five heart attacks since age 37 and has also had several other procedures including quadruple bypass surgery elisabeth is joining us
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now and it has been kind of a rainy weekend so far. not a lot of rain but enough to keep it wet >> san francisco's saw almost 1 in. so there have been scattered showers and some are still coming down right now. let's check out the high- definition radar, still pretty busy. a lot of bright color showing up. some of the heavier cells are still moving in over san jose, santa cruz mountains and you'll notice that pink and purple, some portions of the higher elevations are seeing snow showers. the rainfall totals over the last 24 hours or so, san francisco, almost 1 in.. a wide range of polls. oakland, santa rosa seen more than half an inch. depending on where you were, that is how much rain you've
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got. tonight, rain is likely, temperature's mainly in the low to mid-40s. another rainy start and it looks like scattered showers a lingering through the afternoon and evening. we could even see a thunderstorm or two possible by the afternoon. satellite and radar shows pretty dramatic rain here. although showers are moving from south to north and really no showers east of sacramento. low pressure system is not moving. it brings us another rainy day tomorrow. we're watching a high-pressure system that will bring us a dry brake on monday. it might be our only dry day next week because we're watching another low pressure system sitting west of the bay area bringing us more scattered showers tuesday and wednesday. the wettest days look tuesday
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and wednesday. scattered showers drying out on monday. temperature's mainly in the '50s and we will go out towards the 7 day forecast, alright, showers on sunday, monday looks dry, tuesday and wednesday scattered showers. mostly cloudy skies on thursday and friday with a chance of rain mainly in the north bay and rain on saturday. >> the sharks go to overtime once again. could they get two points and move up in the west. once again. could they get two points and move[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>> the sharks are in the middle of their own version of march madness. only one. separates the five final teams fighting for playoff spots. anti niemi, it was an exciting first period. derrick morris shoots one passed anti niemi as time expires to tie it up. both teams would had a goal in the second and then it was stay quiet until the shootout. ray whitney was the coyotes last chance to extend the game but the 39 year-old is denied by anti niemi. the sharks win. they're now tied with the kings and the avalanche for the final playoff spot in the west with seven games to go.
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the stanford women went down to fresno needing to win is to get back to the final four for the fifth year in a row. the cardinal writing a school record winning streak. the supporting cast was a little bit late to the party. a three-pointer at the buzzer to give stanford a 6 point lead at the half. it was close in the second half. the cardinal winds 76-60 and they will face dew point in the leak 8 on monday night. >> when someone has a going on like that there's not a lot you can do except give her different looks. she made some incredible plays and whoever has the first pick in the w nba draft will get themselves a nice player
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>> baylor is undefeated this season. for the second game in a row, the periods ended with a dunk. baylor beats georgia tech and will face tennessee in the leak 8. billy donovan was the star of the providence team that made the final four in 87. 25 years later, the to our coaching against each other for a trip back to the final four. louisville was down but they closed the game on an 18-3 run. shane lohan and gives them the lead with just over one minute to play. florida knockdown eight three- pointers in the first half but missed all nine attempts in the second half including two on the final possession that would have tied it. rick bettino is now 7-0 all time. >> it hurts me, it hurts our
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team losing but to see him, i will be very happy for him >> outside of my children being born this is that happiest day of my life. >> syracuse trying to make it to big east teams in the final four. a lob from halfcourt and is tied at 29 at pass. the buckeyes big man got into early foul trouble but made his presence felt in the second half. ohio state beat syracuse to advance to the final four. i did this man will be smiling, he won $10,000 after hitting a half-court shot at the warrior'' game tonight. the third quarter, david lee with a behind the back pass. the rookie finished with a career high 31 points. the kings with a chance to take
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the lead banks to warriors turnovers but isiah thomas gives it right back. the warriors came on to win and take three out of four this season from sacramento. still to come, a bay area high school basketball team wins,,,,,
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>> tiger woods has not won a pga event since 2009 but he is just 18 holes for mending that route. he has won six times at bay hill during his career. he looked like he would run away with it today sinking the birdie putt to take a four shot lead but he would bogey on 14 and based on his reaction you can tell the tee shot on 15 was not very good. he finished the round with a one-shot lead. high-school basketball, the title game in sacramento, sacred heart and allegheny, taylor johnson put back rolls off the rim. st. joseph's also came up short in the division 5 game on the girl sighed. aerial graces the other way to
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beat the buzzer and the dragons blow out laguna hills for their first date idle in school history. the weather was not much better for the earthquakes in toronto. the first of two goals today tomorrow, college basketball followed by the post-game show. >> lot is going on right now >> every game for the sharks is a playoff game right now. we're so used to them being,,,,
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>> it is march madness robot style. 38 high school teams took part in a robotic basketball tournament in hawaii. extra points were given to those who good balance the robot on the bridge at midcourt. the championship will be held in st. louis next month. th,,,,,,
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